PCP Evanix MAX Synthetic Full Auto 6.35mm
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Category: Rifles
More Details:
Manufacturer Evanix Product Number 1151010 Caliber 6.35 mm Power 220 m/s Total Length 744 mm Weight 3900 g. Energy Joules Barell Lenght 482 mm
The Max is a traditional looking (if you can call something that looks this futuristic traditional) bullpup design.The stock on this carbine is a nicely figured walnut that has a neatly designed thumb-hole with a checkered grip,and a rubber recoil pad.As one would expect from a bullpup,this is a compact package with an overall length of 29".it is full auto PCP air fifles is excellent accurate,powerful,reliable semi auto.
2,888.90 BGN
(2,407.42 ex. TAX)
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