ASG Charger, 6x80+ Digital Multifunctional, Eu-ver
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Manufacturer ActionSportGames Manufacturer's Number 18185 Product Number 1512118
6x80+ is the next step in multifunction processor chargers. It offers all the features you from previous chargers: Charging of all known battery types – LiPo, LiFe, LiIo, NiMh, NiCd and Pb Special Lithium charge programs – Balance- Storage- Fast- Standard- and Discharge All battery types can be Cyclic charged and data can be stored Universal power input: 11-18 volt DC and 100-240 volt AC USB to PC connection for control and data upload to ‘Chargemaster’ program Comes with a universal charging lead with 6 different plugs What makes it even more advance is the wide range of unique new features, which places the 6x80+ on a whole new level. APP control and feedback to your smartphone via Bluetooth (Android and Iphone) Integrated LiPo test function Powerfull - Charges up to 10 Ampere and Discharges with a 5 Amperes Repeak function gives you the ability to push your batteries even further Comes with a versatile Lipo connection boards with all types of balance connectors Brushless motor tester (mainly for RC users)
311.90 BGN
246.00 BGN
(205.00 ex. TAX)
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