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The Discoveryline version of the legendary ultra compact sub-machinegun invented and made by the Czech company Ceska Zbrojovka. This Airsoft version comes with a foldable stock for compact use, fixed Hop-Up for great accuracy and a magazine that holds 14 BB’s.
53.90 BGN
(44.92 ex. TAX)
A Discovery line spring version of the popular M15A1 Carbine. Fully licensed by Armalite Inc. the original manufactures of the famous assault rifle. The Spring powered Airsoft gun features a removable adjustable stock, quad rail system for mounting tactical equipment, removable tactical fore-grip, integrated carry handle and is supplied with Two 400 rd magazines, a cross hair optical sight, adjustable sling and 500 0.12g BB's in handy bottle.
84.90 BGN
(70.75 ex. TAX)
This model variant of the HK G36 is distinguished by its longer fore-end and an integrated bipod. The amber coated lens of the electronic red cross gun sight gives it that Elite Special Ops look, incl. point sight, foldable bipod and folding stock.
94.90 BGN
(79.08 ex. TAX)
The Compact Carbine Version is the most compact variant of the legendary HK G36 assault rifle. Equipped with Picatinny rails for holding point sights and accessories, this rifle also has a screw-on flash hider and front grip.
95.90 BGN
(79.92 ex. TAX)
The Sportline Zastava licensed M70 Varmint is, like the AW .308 and SSG sniper, a very powerful sniper and with the long metal barrel and adjustable Hop-Up an extremely accurate spring operated sniper. The M70 comes in a beautiful wooden finish.
214.90 BGN
(179.08 ex. TAX)
A very powerful spring operated sniper is the licensed Accuracy International AW .308. Out of the box it shoots close to 2 joule and weight 3 kilos with its solid metal construction. The Sportline AW .308 has adjustable Hop-Up for accuracy and top rail for mounting aiming device.
294.90 BGN
(245.75 ex. TAX)
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