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ArmaLite M15A4 carbine, Great entry level Airsoft gun. This M15A4 Airsoft carbine with authentic ArmaLite markings, has an ideal size for all sorts of Airsoft use, CQB, open field or just backyard target practicing. A Hi-cap magazine with 300 BB's provides plenty of shots before reloading is necessary. The receiver features a top 21mm rail for mounting optical sights, a detachable carry handle with adjustable rear sights is included. The Airsoft carbine itself is built with many metal components: outer barrel, front sight, charging handle and bolt cover. The battery is stored in the hand guard.
263.90 BGN
200.00 BGN
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Airsoft replica of the company UTG / Leapers USA. Caliber 6 mm. Casing made of metal and polymer. Adjustable sights, polymer filler Hi-Cap and the possibility of placing the battery in the stock. Adjustable hop-Up and realistic muzzle stopper - compensator.
321.90 BGN
230.00 BGN
(191.67 ex. TAX)
Look at a B&T5 and most people will recognize it. This is a true classic used by law enforcement and and seen in cinemas all over the world. This Sportline version is the A5 with a retractable stock licensed by the Swiss manufacturer, Brugger & Thomet. The Sportline value pack (SLV) products, are good all-round products. Targeted mainly at regular players, they are well-built, reliable and affordable. The value pack includes everything needed to get started like: Battery, Charger, BB's and Sling. The Sportline Airsoft guns are made up of a mix of plastics and metal in structure and body. Some of the models can be modified or upgraded
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Semi- and full-automatic electric assault rifle – the SLV36 offers many different configurations to suit your gaming needs. This compact Sportline model offers a long top picatinny rail to mount scopes or dot sights if you feel like adding to the standard iron sights. The SLV36 also has a front rail to mount laser, light, front grip etc. The gearbox and gears, of course, are all metal and it has an adjustable Hop-Up system. The package includes battery, charger and a high capacity magazine.
331.90 BGN
(276.58 ex. TAX)
The A2 version of the Steyr AUG is the updated version of the AUG series (Armee Universal Gewehr) licensed by Steyr Mannlicher, Austria. On the A2 you get an accessory rail where you can mount your preferred aiming device. Like on the A1 version the front grip is collapsible and the internals are metal constructed.
365.90 BGN
(304.92 ex. TAX)
Sportline LMT Defender R.I.S valuepack. Great looking entry level Airsoft gun with realistic bolt catch release function. This M15 styled Airsoft carbine with authentic LMT markings, has an ideal size for close quarter Airsoft use and backyard target practicing. The short barrel has an aggressive looking flash suppressor and a bayonet mounting lug. The receiver features a top 21mm rail for mounting optical sights, and a removable metal rear sight with fully adjustable windage and elevation. The rear sling mount plate offers ambidextrous mounting points. Pulling the charging handle opens the dust cover while pulling back and locking the simulated bolt to reveal the adjustable hop-up dial, to release the bolt, press the bolt release just like on the real weapon. A Hi-cap magazine with 300 BB's provides plenty of shots before reloading are necessary. The 1100mAh battery is stored in the stock. Features: Fully licensed by LMT. Collapsible 6 position Sop Mod stock. Top rail. Easily accessible hop-up. Movable charging handle. Adjustable rear sight. Front and rear sling mounts. Authentic markings. 300 rd. Hi-cap magazine. Vertical front grip. 2 rail covers. Battery and charger included.
431.90 BGN
(359.92 ex. TAX)
A Proline Armalite M4 with the massive looking yet remarkable lightweight S.I.R. system fully licensed by A.R.M.S. Made famous by US special forces, the S.I.R. system was one of the very first free float rail systems that allows a customized set-up of tactical accessories. On this Airsoft gun the SIR (Selective Integrated Rail) allows super easy access to the battery compartment in the front. Features: Proline Metal hop-up chamber Spring guide with ball bearing 8mm double bushings Chrome mock gas tube Rear ARMS flip up sight contoured to fit rail system Easy battery compartment access Front grip included Removable side rail sections Functional bolt catch release LMT sopmod stock Raised rail brings up the optical sights better when wearing a mask. 122 m/s / 400 fps 350 high cap metal magazine Metal body, stock tube barrel, front sight and rails
476.90 BGN
(397.42 ex. TAX)
This Proline Steyr AUG A3 MP (Multi Purpose) is a specialized version of the famed Austrian firearm with many refinements and enhancements compared to our Sportline guns. Most noticeable is the many rail mounted on different parts of the Airsoft gun. A total of 9 rails are present of which 7 is removable allowing the operator to only mount the rails needed saving on weight and keeps the gun looking stylish. Internally is a version 3 gearbox with 7mm bearings and high quality gears and piston. The gearbox has a quick change spring feature that allows for a fast change in muzzle velocity should the circumstances demand it. The gun shoots 120 m/s (394 fps) out of the box and can be upgraded with ULTIMATE parts if desired. The AUG A3 MP is a compact Airsoft weapon with a full length barrel (530mm) giving long range rifle accuracy in a CQB sized gun, making this Steyr AUG the ideal multi mission Airsoft gun.
564.90 BGN
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