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Shaped like an AK style magazine this large BB container will fit most magazine pouches. It stores a massive 1200 bb’s that quickly can be filled into any high-cap magazines or magazine loaders by way of the standard filler cap or the fold-away filler nozzle. The BB container is refilled via a large lid-covered opening on top. Contains 1200 BB’s Fits most magazine pouches. Transparent Large refill cap 2 filler caps Fold away filler sprout
6.90 BGN
(5.75 ex. TAX)
The BB speed loader from ASG is a very useful tool for fill low cap magazines. Fill the loader with up to one hundred BB's, simply press the plunger while holding it to your magazine and 4 BB's are loaded at a time. Shaped like a standard double-stack pistol magazine, it will fit into most magazine pouches, and therefore easy to bring with you into the field.
7.90 BGN
(6.58 ex. TAX)
Convenient and useful, this high-capacity speed loader is similar in shape and size to a M4/M15 magazine and fits perfectly in a spare magazine pouch or pocket. A sliding panel opens for easy filling of the speed loader, match its opening to any AEG magazine and a spring loaded plunger lets you quickly fill the magazine. The transparent design lets you see how many 6 mm BB's are left. The plunger can be locked down for storage. A built-in flip-up adapter for use with pistol magazines as well as a lose adapter for magazines with wide openings is included. Capacity 400 BB's.
19.90 BGN
(16.58 ex. TAX)
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