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Dot protector from the Danish company ACG. Designed for mounting on Weaver or Picayinny rails. The Mount Lense protection keeps your optics safe from being hit by BBs. The clear see-through acrylic lens mounts in front of your optics as a protective shield against flying BBs and other types of debris. The mount is quickly attached to any picatinny rail without the use of any tools. For storage, the lens can be flipped down to accommodate a smaller profile for transport and storage Features: •Large lens surface to protect a wide variety of optics •Easy to mount
17.90 BGN
(14.92 ex. TAX)
Deluxe Military Style Butt Pad with Ergonomic Design. Non-slip Surface and Smart Slip-on Sleeve Design with Lip Re-enforcement for a Perfect Fit. For Model 4/15 6 Position Retractable Stock. 1" Extension.
19.90 BGN
(16.58 ex. TAX)
Color: Black Extension: 1" Compatibility: 6-Position M4 Retractable Stock
19.90 BGN
(16.58 ex. TAX)
Whether practicing long-range precision with a Airsoft sniper rifle or rapid fire from a Airsoft handgun, this auto-reset target, allows focus on the shooting and nothing else. Purely mechanically operated, no batteries needed. Shoot the targets from right to left when the final target on the left is shot down all 3 targets will spring back up. The mesh trap catches all BB's and makes it easy to clean up after shooting is over. Can also be used without the mesh trap. Features: Impact resistant plastic. 3 different sized targets. Extra targets included. No batteries required. Use with or without mesh trap. Easy to clean.
26.90 BGN
(22.42 ex. TAX)
This external battery box allows high capacity batteries to be connected to Airsoft guns with limited internal space, like submachine guns and short carbines with folding stocks, while keeping the appearance of a real weapon. Made to look like a military laser targeting device known as AN/PEQ2 this box is mounted onto any 21mm rail system and can hold a large capacity battery. Features: Authentic look of a military device. Hold all LiPo batteries. Mounts to any 21mm rail system.
39.90 BGN
(33.25 ex. TAX)
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