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Cometa sights correction key. For Cometa 220 and 300 models.
5.90 BGN
(4.92 ex. TAX)
Weaver rail mount for airsoft guns BB guns Fits CZ 75D Compact, Steyr M9-A1, STI Duty One and CZ75 P-07 pistols Provides top, bottom and side rails for scopes, dot sights, lasers and/or flashlights. Unique mount adds 4 Weaver rails to your favorite pistol. Improve your accuracy by mounting optics on your pistol.
14.90 BGN
(12.42 ex. TAX)
Low profile screw-on Barrel extension tube for all CZ75D Compact models. Made of aluminum, it features a 12 mm external thread. Solid construction. Due to legal requirements, all Barrel extension tubes are empty and without foam or sound baffles. Therefore it feature no measurable sound reduction. It is intended for looks only.
18.90 BGN
(15.75 ex. TAX)
Compensator for Hatsan 135.
19.90 BGN
(16.58 ex. TAX)
Refillable box for safe transport of 100 4.5 mm calibre diabolos, keeps them well-protected. Practical for selection during competitions and training.
30.90 BGN
(25.75 ex. TAX)
Hatsan AIR Stripper for 5.5 mm. It is made for better group. Carving - 1/2" UNF.
31.90 BGN
(26.58 ex. TAX)
Umarex Walther CP99 CPS CP Sport 11 Sight Adaptor Rail (Bridge Mount).
37.90 BGN
(31.58 ex. TAX)
Extended Muzzle Break for Hatsan AT44.
39.90 BGN
(33.25 ex. TAX)
39.90 BGN
(33.25 ex. TAX)
Sound moderator for Hatsan AT44.
79.90 BGN
(66.58 ex. TAX)
Air bottle for Hatsan AT44.
131.90 BGN
(109.92 ex. TAX)
Air bottle for Hatsan AT44. Long type.
139.90 BGN
(116.58 ex. TAX)
Air tube for Hatsan Galatian. 255CC. Aluminium.
239.90 BGN
(199.92 ex. TAX)
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